The Panpsycast: iTunes Playback Issues

We are aware that a number of listeners are experiencing playback issues on iTunes. Each episode is around 100mb, which is considerably large for a podcast. Here's how you can overcome the issue...

iTunes Desktop:

1. Click 'get' to the far right of an episode.


2. Click the download icon that appears in the top right.


3. Double click the episode once it's downloaded.

Podcast App:

1. Under The Panpsycast Feed, select  '...' next to the episode you want to play.


2. Select 'Download Episode'.


3. The episode will now download under 'My Podcasts'.


4. Wait for the episode to download.


5. Once the episode has download, the app will take you back to the 'My Podcasts' screen.

Select The Panpsycast Philosophy Podcast.


6. Select the episode you downloaded from your list of unplayed episodes. It will now play in glorious high quality.


If you experience any problems please get in touch with us via email:

We hope you're enjoying the show!

Jack, Ollie and Andy