Scheduled Episodes

October 2017

16th: Conscience (Part I)

23rd: Conscience (Part II - Saint Thomas Aquinas)

30th: Conscience (Part III - Sigmund Freud)

November 2017

6th: Conscience (Part IV)


'The Evil God Challenge'

Dr Stephen Law, Reader in philosophy at Heythrop College, University of London, and editor of the Royal Institute of Philosophy journal THINK.

We will be interviewing Dr. Stephen Law on his Evil God Challenge. Stephen Law has a brilliant video on YouTube introducing the argument which you can check out here. We will also be doing a classic Q&A, so please send us your questions.

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Dr. Stephen Law, please click here.

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Sarah Hall, please click here.

'Judaism and The Problem of Evil'

Dr Sarah Hall, Lecturer in Religious Eduction at the University of Birmingham

In 2017, we will be interviewing Dr. Sarah Hall on Judaism, the Holocaust and the Problem of Evil. We will also be running a classic Q and A session with Dr. Hall, so please submit your questions!

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