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At NCH, you choose a combined honours degree comprising a ‘major’ subject and a complementary ‘minor’ subject, from any two of Art History, Economics, English, Geography, History, Law, Philosophy, and Politics & International Relations. We also offer Philosophy, Politics & Economics (PPE) and Philosophy, Politics & History (PPH) combinations, Creative Writing as a minor option, and a single honours Law LLB.

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Episodes 32 is proudly supported by The Partially Examined Life. To find out more about the The Partially Examined Life, please visit www.partiallyexaminedlife.com.

"Panpsycast listeners should enjoy The Partially Examined Life, a podcast that since 2009 has provided both depth and accessibility to classic philosophical texts. Each episode is the equivalent of a graduate seminar, or rather an evening out at the pub after the seminar. They've covered all areas of philosophy, plus forays into psychology, physics, politics, film, non-western traditions, and more... but they also go deep, with eight episodes on Plato, five on Niezsche, and multi-episode dives on works by Augustine, Wittgenstein, and Rorty.

Guests can range from current philosophical giants like John Searle and Peter Singer to philosophy-interested celebrities like Xena the Warrior Princess herself, Lucy Lawless. And if you like music, try the Nakedly Examined Music podcast, a spin-off effort that interviews the smartest songwriters about their techniques and motivations regarding particular songs.

Learn by example how to grapple with difficult prose, how to connect the dots of philosophical history, and how to incorporate ideas that might seem bizarre and irrelevant into your own thinking and your own life. Visit partiallyexaminedlife.com to learn why they've been downloaded more than 20 million times."