Specialist Feedback

“I’ve listened to every episode and I’ve enjoyed every single one. You guys manage to combine the banter and philosophy perfectly.”

Dr Daniel Hill, Senior Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Liverpool

"My interview with The Panpsycast was everything that an interview with a philosopher specializing in ethics should be: probing but fair questions from people who know my work, with sufficient time to elucidate the foundations of my ethical views and to discuss their practical implications. I particularly appreciate the fact that, taken as a whole, the interview demonstrates the relevance of philosophy to such crucial questions as how we ought to live."

Professor Peter Singer, Ira W. DeCamp Professor of Bioethics at Princeton University and Laureate Professor at the University of Melbourne

The Panpsycast is brilliant. Each episode takes you on a fascinating journey through the world of philosophy. I wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone, especially students and teachers who want to be intellectually challenged!”

 Yujin Nagasawa, Professor of Philosophy at the University of Birmingham, President of the British Society for Philosophy of Religion and Co-Director of the John Hick Centre for Philosophy of Religion

"Had a wonderful time talking with The Panpsycast! I was so impressed with how prepared the interviewers were; their questions were really interesting and extremely well-informed. I could not be more impressed - great job!"

Christian B. Miller, A. C. Reid Professor of Philosophy at Wake Forest University

"Top podcast. Well prepared and well organised. Sets up the issues carefully, and then takes the time to go deeper."

Professor David Papineau, Philosopher at King's College London and City University of New York Graduate Center

"These podcasts are terrific and meet a real need for something philosophically challenging in audio form. They are expertly made and most enjoyable to listen to. Great work!"

Professor Richard Gaskin, Professor of Philosophy at the University of Liverpool and Host of The Literary Voice

"The Panpsycast is great fun - and they take time to explore issues properly."

Dr Stephen Law, Reader in Philosophy at Heythrop College, University of London, and editor of the Royal Institute of Philosophy journal THINK

“Some podcasts are fun and accessible; others offer detailed content. The great thing about The Panpsycast is that it manages to do both.”

Philip Goff, Associate Professor in Philosophy at Central European University in Budapest

“Gosh, you’re doing a wonderful thing!”

Professor A. C. Grayling, Philosopher and Master of the New College of the Humanities

"What you do on The Panpsycast is slightly insidious, as your expert hosting, courteous questioning and convivial conversation lured me into wittering on at length about all kinds of topics I don't know much about. So thank God (if He exists) for your kind and careful editing. It was a pleasure to be on your show and I'm going to listen to all the other episodes now."

Rick Lewis, Founder and Editor of Philosophy Now Magazine

Don’t be mislead by the name. The Panpsycast is not a fringe-y ideological podcast. It is one of the two most in-depth and most entertaining philosophy podcasts I know. And I have never been interviewed by people who were better prepared than the Panpsycast crew. 

Bence Nanay, Professor of Philosophy at the University of Antwerp and Research Associate in philosophy at the University of Cambridge

“As a guest on quite a few podcasts over the years, this is definitely one of the excellent ones.  The discussions are well-organised, focused, and solidly researched.  They delve into the topics and thinkers, and really draw the most out of the guests! ”

Dr Gregory Sadler, President and co-Founder of ReasonIO 


Listener Feedback

"Thank You! Your podcast is what’s making the grey landscape of Tokyo just a little brighter every day." Kevin Zaleski

"The Panpsycast transitions seamlessly between philosophical theory, practicality and opinion effortlessly all whilst mixing in humour. Not only is the podcast incredibly informative it is also extremely enjoyable. It is clear that they put in great amounts of effort and take the time to ensure they do each individual topic justice. I would recommend to anyone with an interest in philosophy and it is certainly incredibly useful for anyone studying degree level philosophy." - Charles Stewart

"I had my last theology Pre-U exam yesterday and it went brilliantly thanks to you guys and your podcasts! Honestly, they have been so helpful, you guys manage to mix banter and philosophy in the most perfect way that it never fails to stick in my mind. I just wanted to thank you guys for doing what you do and making me laugh whilst revising (something I thought wasn't possible!) Keep the podcasts up, they're definitely the best out there! Thank you again" - Isabella Peach

"I have felt for a while that philosophy is a weak area in my knowledge and worldview. I set out to find a podcast that could give me a broad introduction to the field. This podcast has given me that with great success. The content and delivery is both informative and entertaining. It has kept me coming back and provided something worth coming back to. I've quite enjoyed listening to the discourse of three people with some views that differ fundamentally from my own. I feel these guys represent well what it looks like to respectfully approach a worldview contrary to one's own. Many thanks from Kyle in Minneapolis, MN." - Kyle Broberg

"Cheers from the USA! I just wanted to give some words of thanks for the Panpsycast. I have no formal philosophy background, but I have been trying to become more well versed. I'm not caught up yet, I only just finished the Kantian Ethics episodes recently. It has been a good introduction to many concepts and served me well as I try to do readings in my spare time." Aaron Hartwig

"I Kant stop listening to these podcasts! Firstly, sorry for the pun, couldn't resist it. These podcasts have been ridiculously helpful for aiding my revision in the final year of my A level RS course. Not only that but I actually want to listen to them because they're entertaining and engaging too unlike most videos/podcasts following an A level spec. Been a life saver for making my knowledge of the topics more thorough. Thank you!" - SoyAustinWilks

"Thanks! I just wanted to say how much I appreciate the podcast you guys have been putting on. I've been trying to learn more about Kierkegaard and have found your show to be incredibly educational." - Tony Faira

"Thank you! Hi, I’m a new fan from China and I'm just in love with your podcast. Your political philosophy series has sure made my otherwise tedious subway and bus rides a lot more interesting and worth looking forward to. And I've left a five-star review on iTunes as well." Jesse Du

"Absolutely in awe of all your work! Thank you for continually inspiring my love for Philosophy." - Fabiha

"Hi! Got my A level results the other day and just thought I’d let you know that I got an A in Theology, Philosophy & Ethics. The podcasts were such a help during my revision, so thank you so much!" - Helen Bells

"This podcast is without a doubt my favourite. It blends humour accessibility and learning and discovery all together and it does it amazingly well! The topics start at the foundations and don't assume that you’re a philosophy major with tons of prior knowledge. They provide a more light-hearted way of discussing topics and even have a few episodes where they invite some guests in and sit them down and let them crack on about the discussion. The very liberal and open aspect of podcasts in general lend itself perfectly to philosophical discussion! Anyway, please please, if you’re looking for some good brain food pod subscribe and check them out." Telnet-to-the-Mind

"The Panpsycast: Is it any good? There are no words in which I can try and explain how good this podcast is - it is simply ephemeral and beyond human reasoning. It finds the perfect balance between banter and education, and this podcast might be the only reason I do well in my Philosophy AS. Even if you aren't looking for help with A-Levels, this podcast is simply brilliant. I believe it is your deontological, Kantian duty to subscribe to this podcast, and also your utilitarian higher pleasure to pass it on to others." - Jake hedgerows

"The absolute best! This is how you communicate philosophy!! Thank you so much!" - archie2098

"Since I feel like I lack the language to articulate how much I love this podcast, I’ll try and offer an example to illustrate it: I’ve always hated driving. The only thing I’ve always hated more than driving was getting stuck in traffic. I think it is safe to say that now that I can listen to The Panpsycast while I’m at it, getting stuck in traffic actually started to feel good. That’s how much I love the show." - Gilberto Morbach, Brazil

"Love this show, I listen to every episode. Best philosophy podcast available. Detailed and easy to dive into." - Will-you-philosophize-with-me

"Thoughtful yet accessible, humorous and well-structured. It should be required listening for anyone seeking a birds-eye view of philosophy. The Panpsycast guys are beloved in our house." - Riz134

"A must-listen for students, teachers or those who simply love to think! As a trainee teacher, The Panpsycast has proven invaluable for teaching A Level Religious Studies. The content is extremely accessible but with the level of depth that one would expect from a high quality podcast. The presenters clearly know their stuff and manage to remain funny and light-hearted throughout every episode. I am certain that I'll continue to use this to improve my philosophy subject knowledge for a very long time!" - Miss B RE

"Fun, educational, dramatic, riveting, surprising, jovial, even supplies you with a handy sense of superiority when you consider the poor wretches who don't listen to this podcast." - holls1337

"My new favourite podcast. I started listening to the episodes on Camus a few weeks ago, and was hooked immediately. I have since gone back to the beginning and heard every episode. It is amazingly informative and entertaining. I am a science major, and am not doing my "A levels" (not sure what these are, but I'm guessing it's a British thing), but have enjoyed every one of these episodes. The episodes on existentialism and the problem of evil are my favourites so far. I am excited to see what comes next. I highly recommend this podcast to anyone interested in philosophy, whether it be for school or for pleasure." - Josh Benfeld

"Just a solid podcast all around. Well-researched, well-organized, very informative without being too much, and the guys have great voices to listen to. Been enjoying it very much so far. Keep it up!" altarofl

"An excellent and entertaining podcast. Highly recommended. Philosophy can be a dry and purely academic subject but these guys make it interesting and easy to follow. The key themes are explained with good examples that bring the subject alive. I especially enjoyed the attempt to discuss whether Plato's ideas in The Republic could be applied today. Philosophy, after all, was supposed to be about finding solutions to everyday problems. Keep up the good work guys!" Steve Trow

"This is a really fun and informative podcast that looks at individual philosophers and philosophical principles in a very comprehensible way. Totally love it." - Josephhh197222

"Great for folks new to philosophy! These guys have provided me a fantastic foothold to bring my journey in philosophy. The episodes go by too quickly!" Drizzt747

"A fantastic combination of banter and Philosophy." - Americadam

"The Panpsycast have been one of the most helpful philosophy resources out there! The puns, explanations and banter is making philo very fun!" - Sam Campling

"Your podcasts have genuinely helped me through my A Level - will keep on listening through uni too!" - Laasoss

"I like how this group is able to explain the complex ideas in ways I can understand without prior study. I enjoy the interactions of the casters and always look forward to new episodes." glassjaws

"You guys are WONDERFUL!!! I listen every morning, slowly catching up to the end, now! Thanks so much for being thorough, concise, and informative. This is genuinely my favorite podcast, you have a wonderful, fun, and immersive team!" Dustin Nash

"Amazing! I did the hedonic calculus and it told me to leave some feedback! These podcasts are incredibly useful: detailed, informative, and a lot of fun! Has been really useful listening to these for my A2 course; however, I'd recommend listening if you're just generally interested in philosophy - 10/10!" JonHawkins1998

"Brilliant! I've found these extremely useful as an undergraduate philosophy student. The episodes on ethics have been especially helpful. Thank you, keep up the good work!" PhilosophyBoy227

"Probably my favourite podcast to listen to... and definitely the funniest philosophy podcast, the banter is top notch. I didn't do the OCR philosophy spec (AQA instead) but their podcasts were still really helpful. You guys are great!" - Kit Alcock

"Engaging and useful; I've used these Podcasts for my A Level and they have been really useful! Keep up the good work. Thank you!" Thomas Haynes

"Fantastic! This is a great revision and learning tool for any student of philosophy and RS." SBHSMissTaylor

"Just shared this with my A level students and they absolutely love it. Great resource for strengthening knowledge in a funny and informative way. Great stuff!" Flag Fiend

"Amazing - making my A level syllabus 10x more exciting." - jessd1999

"A must listen for anybody interested in philosophy. A pleasure to listen to. Engaging, funny, and useful. What I like most is how it gives a great overview of many branches of philosophy in an easy to understand way which is great for somebody like me who has recently started to become interested in philosophy. Though intended for A-level students it's still highly valuable and welcoming to all listeners regardless of whether they're students or not." - MarkyMarkYo

"Fun and informative - especially useful for A-level students." - Mintyj1

"An Excellent resource. I've recommended these to my A Level students, who use them regularly for pre-Iearning, learning and hopefully later on for revision! They find them easily accessible and informative. A great, invaluable resource. Thanks." - MrsMDoesPhilosophy

"Awesome podcast! I tell my year 12’s to listen to this every time we begin a new topic due to the accessibility and ease it provides as an entry into new and at times challenging topics. Keep up the great work!!!" JSR RE

"What an amazing source. Thank you for this great work!" - Sanna Afouaiz

"Finally, some fun philosophy! Philosophy can be dry... sometimes philosophers don't bother appealing to the masses. Jack, Andy and Ollie have broken the mould... It only took 2500 years! Am I right?! Of course, I'm right... I listen to The Panpsycast!" Whatme

"I Kant say enough! For all of those of philosophically minded, inclined towards inner thought and reasoning, The Panpsycast is for you. The guys who produce the podcast, put on a weekly show to discuss philosophy, ideas of thinking, religion, what it means to think, and how we perceive, and all manner of free-thinking. Not sure if you’re aware but putting together a podcast, on a weekly basis is no small feat. These guys do a really great job and the topics (to me) are masterfully done. They start and assume a level of no knowledge and discuss and build us up to each of the concepts that are discussed. Each episode is broken into parts, with the foundation being laid first, usually talking about the topic or philosopher first. So far some really good conversation has been done with the “fathers” of philosophical thinking, Plato, John Locke, John Stuart Mill, Sartre, etc.  What I really like is that if they go back and compare and contrast the ideas of one talked about philosopher with a another that they may be focusing on the in the current episode. I’ve been listening on my daily morning runs, and it really is fun. Thankfully, what I love is their (quite English) sense of humour. This is NOT a dry boring, text book philosophy show. Jokes and laughter is had and that part, I think is amazingly important to making the sometimes dry, abstract topics more accessible. They mix humour, laughing and joking in, but all the while keeping it mature. If you're in schooling for a philosophy degree, this would actually be a really great companion to listen to as it makes the topics so much more accessible. I really can't say enough about them. Or perhaps I should say...I *Kant* say enough.... (D'oh! Sorry!)" Steve Fowlkes

"I recommend this podcast to anyone interested in the subject of philosophy - it helps to broaden philosophical views and poses interesting topics. I liked the ukulele by the way!" Anna Poplar

"Hello, I just wanted to write to you guys thanking you for all the help you have given me over this academic year. I got my AS results yesterday, and in Philosophy and Religious Studies I got an A! I stress this with utmost sincerity - I could not have done it without all of your help. Keep up the great work - you've helped me so much over the past year. A thousand thank yous." - Fryderyk