Panpsycast Audiobooks Announcement: "Developments in Christian Thought"


We are very pleased to announce our first audiobook, Developments in Christian Thought. Although the audiobook aims to support students and teachers studying OCR’s new A Level in Religious Studies, much like the Panpsycast Philosophy Podcast, we will be opening up the content to a much wider audience.

The audiobook will follow the ‘informal and informative’ style of the podcast and will be freely available on all platforms, internationally, from August 28th, 2018. The audiobook will cover a range of topics and include guest appearances from expert theologians and philosophers. At present, the list of topics covered by the audiobook will be as follows:

1. Religious Pluralism and Theology
2. Religious Pluralism and Society
3. The Person of Jesus Christ
4. Christian Moral Principles
5. Christian Moral Action
6. Gender and Society
7. Gender and Theology
8. The Challenge of Secularism
9. Liberation Theology and Marx
10. Augustine’s Teaching on Human Nature
11. Death and the Afterlife
12. Knowledge of God’s Existence


We are grateful to all of our listeners who have supported The Panpsycast Philosophy Podcast. Those who have enjoyed the show will feel right at home as we approach these topics through a philosophical lens. During the production of the audiobook, episodes of The Panpsycast Philosophy Podcast will not be disrupted. We indefinitely promise to continue releasing weekly episodes of The Panpsycast Philosophy Podcast!


This project would not be possible without the support of Westhill Endowment and Culham St Gabriel's. We would like to extend our gratitude to both Westhill and Culham St Gabriel's, who have provided us with the means to produce this work. Please click here to find out more about Westhill’s work and click here to learn more about Culham St Gabriel's.


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Put this one on your calendar - August 28th, 2018.