The Panpsycast

The Panpsycast is an 'informal and informative' philosophy podcast that supports teachers, students and academics in philosophy. We also aim to awaken fellow free-thinkers worldwide and inspire a new generation of philosophers.

Over 75,000 people subscribe to The Panpsycast and the show features regularly in the Top Higher Education Podcasts Chart on iTunes.



The Panpsycast was created by Jack Symes, who remains producer, co-editor and co-host of the show. Jack graduated from the University of Liverpool in philosophy (BA and MA) and went on to read Teaching Studies at the University of Birmingham. Jack is currently teaching philosophy at King Edward VI High School for Girls. 

Dr Gregory Miller (BA, MA, PhD) is one of the show’s co-hosts and co-producer. Greg is a teacher and researcher at the University of Liverpool, working on philosophy of mind and metaphysics.

Andrew Horton is one of the shows co-hosts. Andrew graduated in Theology (BA) and Teaching Studies (MA) at the University of Birmingham, and is now teaching philosophy at South Bromsgrove High.

Olly Marley co-hosts The Panpsycast and is currently Head of Religious Studies at Queensbridge School. Olly read Religious Studies (BA) at the University of Kent and Teaching Studies (MA) at the University of Birmingham.

Other contributors include co-host and transcriber Emily Rose Ogland (BA), co-host Dr Thom Atkinson (BA, MA, PhD), and co-host Phoebe Light (BA).