Episode 2, Aristotle's Basic Philosophies

Welcome to Episode 2 of the Panpsycast, Aristotle's Basic Philosophies. The voices in this episode are owned by Jack Symes, Andrew Horton and Ollie Marley. 

This episode fulfils the function of tackling Aristotle's basic philosophies. Special thanks to the prime mover for your help in the production of this recording.

Thank you to all of our wonderful community for your support so far.

Thank you for listening!

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Part I. Aristotle and Teleology (3:30)
Part II. The Four Causes (20:15)
Part III. The Prime Mover (40:30)
Part IV. Aristotle and Plato (54:15)

*Please note the following corrections: (1) Aristotle built on previous teleological thought, but rejected intelligence or God as the primary cause for natural things, and (2) Raphael painted the School of Athens, not Da Vinci*

Primary Reading and References:

Aristotle's Works, W. D. Ross. (Physics, p.634-5; Metaphysics, p.2293; Nicomachean Ethics, p.2536-42)

The School of Athens, Raphael.