Developments in Christian Thought: A Panpsycast Audiobook



Part I

Chapter I. The Person of Jesus Christ

Chapter II. Knowledge of God

Chapter III. Death and the Afterlife

Chapter IV. Augustine’s Teaching on Human Nature

Chapter V. Christian Moral Principles

Chapter VI. Christian Moral Action

Chapter VII. Liberation Theology and Marx

Chapter VIII. Gender and Society

Chapter IX. Gender and Theology

Chapter X. Religious Pluralism and Society

Chapter XI. Religious Pluralism and Theology

Chapter XII. The Challenge of Secularism

Part II

Chapter XIII. Yujin Nagasawa on Jesus’ Miracles

Chapter XIV. Daniel Hill on the Sensus Divinitatis

Chapter XV. Thom Atkinson on Surviving Death

Chapter XVI. Peter Adamson on Saint Augustine

Chapter XVII. Joseph Shaw on Christian Moral Principles

Chapter XVIII. Eric Metaxas on Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Chapter XIX. Christopher Rowland on Liberation Theology

Chapter XX. Alison Stone on Gender and Society

Chapter XXI. Michael Wilcockson on Gender and Theology

Chapter XXII. David Ford and Peter Ochs on The Scriptural Reasoning Movement

Chapter XXIII. Tim Mawson on Religious Pluralism and Theology

Chapter XIV. Daniel C. Dennett, A. C. Grayling, Rick Lewis, Galen Strawson and Steven Pinker on The Challenge of Secularism