Hello and welcome to the Developments in Christian Thought Audiobook produced and delivered to you by The Panpsycast. This audiobook is composed of 24-chapters, each of which is designed to support teachers and students of the post-2016 OCR A Level in Religious Studies (UK), specifically, the Developments in Christian Thought module. 


With that said, if you are studying another course relating to the contents of this audiobook, or if you are ‘just interested’ in theology and the history of ideas, we hope that this audiobook will still be accessible, informative and enjoyable.

This standalone audiobook was inspired by the success of our weekly show, The Panpsycast Philosophy Podcast, which we highly recommend checking out at Those who have enjoyed The Panpsycast will feel right at home listening to this audiobook.

The contents of this audiobook are intended to be taught over a 2-year period. We have condensed this information down to 2-parts and 24-chapters, so expect some of the discussions to be dense, detailed and difficult. We recommend that you take your time with this audiobook – it is dense. We’ve broken each section into smaller chunks, so there are natural pauses, in which we recommend that you take a break. If you are studying this information for an exam, you will need to concentrate, you will need to take notes, and you will need to be easily amused by some very bad jokes.

The audiobook is made up of 24-chapters, equally divided into 2-parts, which have been imaginatively named Part I and Part II. 

Part I contains 12 in-depth discussions, in which we talk through the history of theological thought within Christianity (as specified by the OCR Developments in Christian Thought specification). 

In Part II, we'll be interviewing some of the biggest names in theology and philosophy. This will give you the cutting edge of thought in the topics we cover in Part I, and if you are studying for an exam, you can use the views of these scholars in your work. Each of the chapters in Part I directly correlates to an interview in Part II. For example, in Part I Chapter I, we’ll be discussing the person of Jesus Christ, and in Part II Chapter I, we’ll be discussing Jesus’ miracle work with Professor of Philosophy at the University of Birmingham, Yujin Nagasawa.

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Thank you again to Westhill Endowment and Culham St Gabriel's for making this audiobook both possible, and freely available.

Before we jump into the audiobook, I would like to introduce myself, Mr Olly Marley and Mr Andrew Horton to reflect upon what you’re about to hear…